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Demonfx's take on a very elusive pedal. 

The  Precision Drive is a modern, cutting-edge overdrive pedal. Tailored towards high-gain metal players looking to tighten up their sound, the Precision Drive is built specifically to be used in conjunction with super-hot amplifiers and digital modelers.

Modern Control Set

The Precision Drive features two of the staple controls you'd expect to find on an overdrive - Volume and Drive. The Volume control is self-explanatory, letting you adjust the total output of the pedal, whilst the Drive increases the amount of dirt. 

To use it the way it is built for, keep both controls fairly low when placed in front of a high-gain amp. This will essentially "tighten" up your tone, not adding too much gain but rather flattening some unwanted loose low-end while providing more mid-range definition (punch/clarity) and giving a more saturated sound. For those technical riffs, the Precision Drive delivers all of the clarity needed to cut through in a frantic mix.

The Attack control, however, is a more specific feature. Manipulating the response of the pedal, increasing the Attack will give a more immediate punch, suited for fast palm-muted chords. For extended range 7 or 8 stringed guitars, this is a key addition.

The Bright control gives you even more flexibility. Adding presence to darker-sounding amps, the Bright knob delivers plenty of high-end sizzle. Taking away further low-end sag, this EQ control balances well together with the Attack. 

Noise Gate

The built-in noise gate is one of the most thoughtful features of the pedal's design. Helps in controlling any of the crazy feedback that can occur when placing an overdrive in front of a distorted amplifier, the noise gate can really tighten up your tone.

Made to control your gain without destroying the dynamic range or response, with the gate control maxed out you'll get an insanely fast cut on the feedback, eliminating it almost immediately. For percussive playing with frequent and intermittent stops, there'll be no audible noise between notes.

A lot to like here at a great price.  Legendary Sound.

Built well and great for any 1st or second board. 

Only from Demonfx.





Demonfx Precision Drive Overdrive w/Gate Option

  • Free shipping in the USA. For our International customers, the ship will caculated at checkout. 

  • In the event a return should ever be needed, please contact us and we will work out the details. All units carry a 30 day return window from inital receipt.    

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