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This is the new Pearl White Auto Wah.

Responds to players dynamics or taste. Some subtle sweeps or all out wails. 

The reason that guitarists love the sound of the auto-wah is that it comes the closest to replicating the sound of a manual wah pedal. While the controls are straightforward, you'll find sensitivity, decay, resonance, and range (bias) controls and the responsiveness is impressive. It's much easier to create unique wah effects without over-saturating your tones. Auto-wah pedals work like automatic filters, cutting off different frequencies depending on how loudly you are playing. If you pick or strum lightly, the wah effect will be relatively light as well. On the other hand, if you pick more aggressively, an auto-wah pedal will apply a greater distortion to your sound. Some auto-wah pedals use a combination of envelope filters and cutoff filters to get rid of unwanted frequencies from your sound, while other pedals use a low-frequency oscillating filter to change the tone and distortion of your electric guitar constantly. Auto-wah pedals are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the standard wah-wah pedal thanks to how simple they are to use and the highly unique sounds they produce. The pedals which are in fact, control tone shapers rather than true stomp boxes. They are easy to adjust to produce a particular sound effect and are highly effective at producing an ever-responsive drone type distortion.  


The envelope control circuit is carefully designed to follow the dynamics of guitar/bass and it might take some time to master the Auto Wah playing techniques.  Try also adjusting instrument volume between 8 and 10 to further expand use. Only a few and a nice price to get some more tone options in your arsenal.

Current consumption approx. 15 mA .

 Input impedance 500K Ohms.  

Output impedance 1K Ohms. 

Supply voltage 9VDC.

 Max input -20 dBV 

Complete bypass and input of circuit grounded when in bypass mode.

Demonfx Pearl White Auto Wah

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