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This is Demonfx's take on a legacy unit. 

You can check out the specs on this unit. Demon has been coming out with some great units at an equally great price by bringing the features of some of these legacy units within reach of any player. 

This "BE" dual overdrive pedal captures the tone of the now legendary Friedman BE-100 amplifier, which has graced the stages of world class musicians the world over. 


The Freedman BE-ODX single channel pedal took the industry by storm. Tens of thousands of pedals sold worldwide and it's still going strong! 


This new BE-ODX Deluxe pedal employs the exact same circuit but adds another channel and dual midrange controls.

The top row (Channel 1) is identical to the original BE-ODX pedal while voicing the bottom row (Channel 2) with a slightly lower gain output. Dual channels in your arsenal allow you to perfectly set both a rhythm and lead option right at your feet.  

 *** Note- only one channel at a time can be engaged****

The BE-ODX Deluxe delivers those hot and ready tube amplifier sounds with enough control needed to shape your personal tone preferences.

 Controls include: 3 position tight switch, volume, gain, bass, middle, treble and presence knobs. These responsive controls will take you from mild overdrives to straight up rocket fuel.

Lots of crunch and goes right to that famous sound.


Pretty much handmade in small batches.  Quality components. 
Price within reach of all your street six string slingers. 
Well worth the price of admission here.  

No International or Overseas wait times!



Demonfx FREEDMAN BE-ODX Plus (Deluxe)

  • Shipping is free on all orders within the United States.  Shipping costs on all international orders will be caculated at checkout. 

  • All orders have A 30 day return window from initial receipt. Should a return ever be required, please contact us.

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