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Bringing some of the best sought after sounds at a real nice price. 

Responds to players dynamics or taste. Some subtle sweeps or all out wails. 

With a little digging you will see where the inspiration comes from on this unit. 
Capable in working in almost any musical style or space. Has a clip setting where it can used in line with drum machines, keyboards etc.  But guitar is king and that is where it will find a home for most players. 

Control for Level, Sustain, Attack and Clipping. 

Very responsive Compression at a great price. 


Demonfx CK Compressor Nice Response with Clip Adjustment

  • Shipping is free on all orders within the United States.  Shipping costs on all international orders will be cacualted at checkout. 

  • All orders have A 30 day return window from initial receipt. Should a return ever be required, please contact us. 

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